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The Covid-19 recession: L comes after K?

August Unemployment – The Recession Begins to Emerge

Can the world rebound from the Covid-19 recession?

The message from gold and industrial commodities

Looking through Korea’s second wave

Republicans set to party like its 1968

July Durable Goods - Catch-up is done, it is all about growth expectations from here on out

Retail boosted by equities, not $600

Bubbles, Covid-19 and digital disruption

If the Fed buys stocks? Then sell

Road to inflation

Last dance for US fiscal spending

Lessons from the lockdown

Will Coronavirus collapse small banks?

Can Europe outperform during America’s COVID-19 second wave?

Big Oil and the Energy Transition: Out of their comfort zone?

Politics of unemployment to reign

Investors can’t rely on central banks

Why we remain bears

COVID-19 and secular stagnation - the next business cycle

Crisis Roadmap: In charts

Further stimulus needed

OPEC+ agrees to extend big output cuts for another month

Is peak oil now behind us?

Macro policy vs Covid-19 - Has policy done enough?

Fed policy pivots to the 10 year

The war on deflation

A bad week for Big Oil... with worse to come?

The equity rebound - just another bulltrap?

Crisis roadmap: After the false dawn

Emerging Markets: The coming growth collapse

After oil at -$40, what next?

Roadmap for US inflation

Fire starter?

7 reasons the rally won't last

OPEC+ agreement: A band-aid to delay the crisis

Buyside bust & the dollar crunch

Emerging Markets Covid Impact

Prospects for the recovery of the global oil market

Fed's new role - Treasury's bank

Where are we in the COVID-19 crisis?

Covid-19 Crisis Roadmap

World slump - weak rebound

Sudden stop

Government Policy Responses to Covid-19

Oil price declines and the impact on China’s energy complex

The bear and fear stalk the world

What can policymakers do?

Medium-term demand outlook bright, short-term very weak

Three reasons markets were ignoring the coronavirus

China focuses on increasing gas output in an era of trade wars

Slowdown in Chinese gas demand growth linked to changing power

The rules to being a sellside economist

The case of the disappearing euros

Is the consensus wrong?

Credit Risk

China’s new national pipeline company moves ahead

Green shoots?

Global Fractures: Big bond crash

The Folly Of Inflation Targets



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