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Portfolios in the post-Covid world

16 Oct 2020 - Andrea Cicione

If the Global Financial Crisis ushered in the era of zero yields, the Covid pandemic has made it a semi-permanent affair. We have looked at how lower bond returns have changed asset allocation choices faced by.

#Equities #Stock Market #Asset Allocation #Gold #Commodities #Dividend Aristocrats

K-runch Time

12 Oct 2020 - Dario Perkins

Data for other countries confirms the tendency for inequality to widen during recessions, though the picture is more mixed than the US experience – because it depends, in part, on the policy response. UK disparities,.

#Monetary Policy #Fiscal Policy #Inequality #K Recovery

China outperformance to continue

08 Oct 2020 - Lawrence Brainard

Equites are volatile globally but China is a big outperformer. Looking at rising equity volatilities, we conclude that markets are not ignoring downside risks; the point is that right now, the upside potential and.

#Equities #China #Emerging Markets #MSCI

World Trade momentum

06 Oct 2020 - Konstantinos Venetis

Macro momentum is easing but remains positive. Our Global Leading Indicator remains consistent with improving macro momentum, in line with the message from other widely followed high-frequency series like the OECD.

#Equities #China #Bond markets #Commodities #USD

Restrictions dialled up

28 Sep 2020 - Shweta Singh

Decline in earnings and labour market weakness are largely a function of mandated lockdowns and restrictions to business activity and mobility. German manufacturing emerges as the brightest spot with output surging to.

#Eurozone #Germany #Covid19

EU stimulus will take time to flow where needed

28 Sep 2020 - Davide Oneglia

The greatest obstacle to the EU fiscal stimulus could be getting the actual spending done so that the cash can flow to the economy as fast as possible. On one hand, ECB estimates show that the NGEU Fund disbursements.

#European Central Bank #Eurozone #Fiscal Policy

MMT's favourite chart

28 Sep 2020 - Dario Perkins

MMT is useful for understanding a zero interest-rate world, but a better framework for the 2020s would leverage the depression-busting power of fiscal policy when needed without compromising the inflation credibility of.

#Monetary Policy #Interest Rates #Fiscal Policy

US sectors: IT has strongest Trump correlation

25 Sep 2020 - Oliver Brennan

Chinese, large-cap and tech stocks all prefer a Trump victory. Value, eg European stocks or US industrials, would favour a Biden win. Energy negative skew under Trump, also struggle under Biden – we go short the energy.

#Technology #Energy #Stock Market #US Election

Growth in employment by skill

22 Sep 2020 - Steven Blitz

The importance of leisure employment rose with the income skew in the US increasingly weighted towards the upper-end. Surplus income, after all, purchases leisure. This has been, in fact, the direction of the US economy.

#US Economy #Employment #Labour Market

Bond-equity correlations are changing

18 Sep 2020 - Oliver Brennan

60/40 with 20/20 hindsight. The last 40 years have been lucrative for benchmark-hugging investors as a simple asset allocation portfolio has returned on average almost 11%/year. In the last few months, both stocks and.

#Equities #Asset Allocation #Gold



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