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Get ready for the super-charging of US-China decoupling

21 Apr 2022 - Grace Fan

Nearly two months into the Russia-Ukraine war, US policymakers – troubled by Beijing’s pro-Kremlin rhetoric – are forging ahead with robust plans to accelerate US-China decoupling. Of the five major decoupling pathways.

#Equities #China #Technology #Decarbonomics

The undead fuel

25 Feb 2021 - Marcus Chenevix

The disappearance of coal from the global energy mix follows a set pattern: precipitate decline from the peak leads not to swift terminal extinction but, for a prolonged interim, a zombified plateau. After good spells.

#Energy #Decarbonomics #Climate Change

Biden's first climate moves and GM blaze the trail

16 Feb 2021 - Grace Fan

With his first string of executive orders, Biden has made clear that climate policy is core to his administration, as we anticipated. This sets the stage not only for coordinated global climate action but also concrete.

#Decarbonomics #Climate Change

China's green revolution

08 Feb 2021 - Eleanor Olcott

The expansion in coal power production towards the end of last year cast doubts on Xi Jinping’s pledge made at a UN summit in September for China to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. The PRC’s overreliance on coal is.

#China #Decarbonomics #Climate Change



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