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Prospects for the recovery of the global oil market

03 Apr 2020 - Stephen O'Sullivan

On January 1 Brent crude oil was trading above $66/bbl.  Three months later, it had fallen by more than 60% from that level.  A coronavirus-driven decline was followed by a collapse when the three-year old agreement.

#China #Stephen O'Sullivan #Oil & Gas #coronavirus #OPEC #oil price #Russia

Oil price declines and the impact on China’s energy complex

12 Mar 2020 - Stephen O'Sullivan

Oil prices have been steadily declining in recent weeks as the impact of the coronavirus on energy demand in China and the rest of the world has become evident. This slide accelerated significantly at the beginning of.

#China #Stephen O'Sullivan #Oil & Gas #coronavirus #OPEC #oil price

Three reasons markets were ignoring the coronavirus

14 Feb 2020 - Dario Perkins

The contrast between the awful humanitarian crisis in China and the euphoria in global stock markets had been bordering on the surreal. Every night (London time) the Chinese authorities updated their count of the number.

#China #Dario Perkins #coronavirus #stock market

Slowdown in Chinese gas demand growth linked to changing power

23 Jan 2020 - Stephen O'Sullivan

It’s the money, honey China’s gas demand growth has risen steadily – and rapidly – in recent years. There was particularly strong growth in 2017 and 2018 as the government’s coal-to-gas switching programme drove demand.

#China #Stephen O'Sullivan #China gas #Coal #Gas market #LNG #PetroChina

Green shoots?

04 Dec 2019 - Dario Perkins

Investor sentiment has shifted in recent weeks. This was certainly the message from the latest BoAML survey – which showed portfolio managers, distinctly less negative about the global economy, suddenly piling into.

#China #Dario Perkins #Stimulus #Growth #Reflation

China's trade is shifting fast

10 Jun 2019 - Charles Dumas

Charles Dumas and Rory Green assess the decline in trade volumes. They support a long-running theme, specifically that trade war is shifting supply chains and accelerating the world splitting into trade blocs. Signs of.

#Trade War #ASEAN #China #Tariffs #Charles Dumas #Rory Green

Trade and tech risks still not priced in

28 May 2019 - Jon Harrison

In his lead article from EM Watch of 28 May, Jon Harrison argues that neither trade nor tech risk are still correctly priced in despite the chaos of the US-China trade negotiations.   This stage of the trade war is.

#Trade War #China #Emerging Markets #Technology #Tariffs #Jon Harrison

Chipping away at technology

24 May 2019 - Eleanor Olcott

Eleanor Olcott has gone into the fine detail of Chinese and US protectionist legislation. She concludes that the US campaign against Huawei, which has become the focus of concerns about a rising and challenging China,.

#Trade War #China #Huawei #Technology #Tariffs #Eleanor Olcott #5G

China GDP - Stimulus red lines and domestic weakness

17 Apr 2019 - Rory Green

Chinese Q1 GDP was the weakest in decades on the offical reading. The TS Lombard recalculation shows it to be even weaker at 5.2% yoy. Rory Green writes: TS Lombard’s China GDP calculation puts real real Q1/19 GDP.

#Trade War #China #GDP #Imports #Exports #Economy #Rory Green

EM correction - 5 triggers to watch out for

27 Mar 2019 - Jon Harrison

  EM equities are set for a correction. Chinese and EM stocks are over-extended vs. their respective long run valuations. 5 main risks are under-priced: No respite from global slowdown. The Fed’s action on QT shows they.

#Trade War #Equities #China #Emerging Markets #Tariffs #QT #Jon Harrison



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