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Christopher Granville

His 25 years’ experience covering the political economy of Russia and other FSU countries, including time working in Moscow-based investment banks where he was a top-ranked strategist and political analyst in broker surveys, started with a posting in Moscow as a UK diplomat in the early 1990s. In the decade from co-founding Trusted Sources until its merger with Lombard Street Research to form TS Lombard in 2016, he has also been producing broader political analysis on EMEA regional markets and geopolitics. Academic work in Italy during the 1980s underpins his lifelong interest in that country’s political economy. He is a regular commentator on FSU affairs in broadcast media and leading op-ed columns. He graduated from Oxford University, where he was also a Fellow of All Souls College.

Recent Posts

BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine announcement in a financial market perspective

13 Nov 2020 - Christopher Granville

“Where might be the catch?” This question about the prospects for the vaccine route to suppressing the pandemic arises naturally from financial markets’ acclamation of last Monday’s Pfizer/BioNTech announcement. Before.

#Fiscal Policy #Stimulus #Vaccine

Brexit: Sticking to our "inevitable FTA" view

19 Oct 2020 - Christopher Granville

Neither the FX market nor most commentators are taking at face value Boris Johnson’s statement on October 16th that “trade talks [with the EU] are over”. While I would definitely agree with this sceptical view of what.

#Eurozone #Brexit #United Kingdom #Tariffs #US Election #Asset Allocation #FX Market

US-China warpaths converge on tech

14 Aug 2020 - Christopher Granville

It is no accident that the escalation has concentrated on tech, while financial sector measures have remained relatively restrained for now. All the various strands and sources of US reactions to the rise of China now.

#China #Technology #US Economy



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