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Charles Dumas

Charles Dumas joined TS Lombard in 1998, becoming Chief Economist in 2005. He is recognised as one of the world’s leading macroeconomic forecasters. He has written several books on the global economy, including ‘Globalisation Fractures’ (2010), which earned praise from Bank of England Governor Mervyn King: “To understand the causes of the financial crisis, read this insightful analysis.” Charles has 40 years’ experience as an economist and financial markets professional. In the 1980s he was Head of Research for JP Morgan in London. In the 1970s he was Director of European Economics for General Motors. Before that he worked on tax reform for the Conservative Party and as a journalist on The Economist newspaper. He was a Managing Director in JP Morgan's New York M&A department from 1988 to 1992 and had previously worked in its capital markets group in New York and London.
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Recent Posts

If the Fed buys stocks? Then sell

05 Aug 2020 - Charles Dumas

October 1929 – the Wall Street Crash is gathering frightening momentum. Several leading Wall Street bankers get together and decide to backstop the stock market, they come out swinging, placing a bid to purchase a large.

#Federal Reserve #Recession #Stock Market

Why we remain bears

23 Jun 2020 - Charles Dumas

This blog summarises our View on our bearish views about US stock prices. Steve Blitz’s analysis of the US economy in 2020-21 shows the policy context for the November elections. But our pessimism about stock-market.

#US Economy #Covid19 #Stock Market #Bear Market

World slump - weak rebound

26 Mar 2020 - Charles Dumas

Widespread hopes for a V-shaped recovery from the impending recession will probably be dashed. And stock markets are only likely to rebound sharply if they fall a lot further from here – at Tuesday's Close the S&P index.

#Equities #Recession #Covid19 #Bear Market

The bear and fear stalk the world

10 Mar 2020 - Charles Dumas

Global spread of the Covid-19 virus looks likely to cause a worldwide recession and bear market in stocks. Nobody knows how serious the disease is likely to be. But The Brookings Institution’s estimates suggest a.

#Equities #Recession #Covid19 #Stock Market #Bear Market



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Track Record

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