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Andrea Cicione

Andrea joined TS Lombard in August 2012 and is currently Head of Strategy. He concentrates on providing advice on medium-term asset allocation as well as developing tactical investment and trading ideas. His main focus is cross-asset macro strategy, with a particular emphasis on the global fixed income and equity markets. Andrea spent over ten years in financial markets on both the buy and sell side and his experience covers corporate bonds, credit derivatives and equities. He holds an MBA from the London Business School with a specialisation in finance. An engineering graduate, he spent the first years of his career developing chassis systems for Alfa Romeo cars.
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Recent Posts

Russia-Ukraine war: Initial market take

25 Feb 2022 - Andrea Cicione

Markets normally react negatively to geopolitical risks but soon lose interest. The North Korea crisis of 2017-18 is a prime example of this: since it’s impossible to put a price on a nuclear war, markets simply decided.

#Federal Reserve #Oil & Gas #Oil Price #Russia #Commodities #Ukraine #War

Covid: Omicron variant - first take

26 Nov 2021 - Andrea Cicione

These are our initial thoughts on the new Covid variant: We don’t know enough about the B.1.1.529 variant to draw any specific conclusions at this stage. We know that it has many mutations on the protein spike, which.

#Liquidity #Equities #Covid19 #Stock Market

Portfolios in the post-Covid world

16 Oct 2020 - Andrea Cicione

If the Global Financial Crisis ushered in the era of zero yields, the Covid pandemic has made it a semi-permanent affair. We have looked at how lower bond returns have changed asset allocation choices faced by.

#Equities #Stock Market #Asset Allocation #Gold #Commodities #Dividend Aristocrats

Tech selloff may soon be over – but for how long?

10 Sep 2020 - Andrea Cicione

Bubble behaviour is clearly visible in the marketplace… Calling the top of a bubble is as hard as winning the lottery. The signs of the mature stage of bubble formation are becoming increasingly evident – leveraged risk.

#Equities #Technology

7 reasons the rally won't last

21 Apr 2020 - Andrea Cicione

Andrea Cicione, our Head of Strategy, and Steven Blitz, our Chief US Economist, answer the following 7 questions: Equity markets have rallied on the back of unprecedented fiscal and monetary support. Why do we think.

#Federal Reserve #Covid19

Where are we in the COVID-19 crisis?

27 Mar 2020 - Andrea Cicione

TS Lombard’s Head of Strategy Andrea Cicione recently published an extremely useful piece of analysis designed to answer four crucial questions for investors: Where are we in the Covid-19 crisis? How bad will it get?.

#Covid19 #Macro Strategy



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