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Oliver Brennan

Ollie joined TS Lombard in April 2017 and is part of the Macro Strategy group, working on medium-term asset allocation and shorter term tactical investment ideas with a particular focus on currencies and fixed income. He has more than ten years’ experience in financial markets on the buy- and sell-side, prior to joining TS Lombard, as FX strategist in a large macro hedge fund. As well as being an experienced market strategist he has been closely involved in portfolio construction, risk management and trade structuring throughout his career.
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Recent Posts

Delta blues

27 Aug 2021 - Oliver Brennan

The US state of Mississippi is in the midst of its worst wave of Covid infections. Ditto Arkansas and Louisiana. But it’s not just the Mississippi Delta feeling the Delta blues. Cases in Florida are second only to.

#China #Covid19 #Recovery #Delta variant

What is normal anyway? Our clients respond

22 Jan 2021 - Oliver Brennan

At our MacroFest virtual event on 12th and 13th January, we discussed the outlook for global growth, global markets, energy, deglobalization and, of course, COVID-19, among many other topics. As a follow-up to the.

#Inflation #Eurozone #Emerging Markets #Covid19 #Currencies #USD #Vaccine

The 2020 ABC

28 Dec 2020 - Oliver Brennan

There are two types of economist: those who don’t know and those who don’t know they don’t know. That’s why our final blog of the year usually gives “anti-forecasts” – outlandish things that definitely won’t happen. But.

#Brexit #2020 outlook #Covid19 #Recovery Fund #K Recovery #Quantitative Easing #Modern Monetary Theory

The Vaccine Matrix: Winners and Losers

30 Nov 2020 - Oliver Brennan

Fill in the form below to download the full report - The Vaccine Matrix: Winners and Losers, by Oliver Brennan, Managing Director, Macro Strategy. What does the great rotation mean for countries’ economies? Is it simply.

#Eurozone #China #Vaccine #Recovery

Housing supply splurge

06 Nov 2020 - Oliver Brennan

The Covid crisis has triggered secular shifts in tech, but in housing too? Whether Growth really is the new Value or whether we are in the early stages of a tech bubble, secular shifts in use of technology since the.

#Recession #US Economy #US Housing #Credit

Ranking FX risk

28 Oct 2020 - Oliver Brennan

Currencies move up or down because of a cross-border supply/demand imbalance. Unfortunately, BoP data are published with a long lag. So our scoreboard uses higher-frequency heuristics (all back-tested to identify signal.

#USD #GBP #Fixed Income #Portfolio Management

Crisis roadmap: After the false dawn

29 Apr 2020 - Oliver Brennan

One month ago we introduced our crisis roadmap as our framework to think about the evolution of the global economy, financial markets and the path of the virus over the next several months. At the time, we reckoned we.

#Eurozone #US Economy #Covid19

Covid-19 Crisis Roadmap

26 Mar 2020 - Oliver Brennan

This framework will shape our thinking about the evolution of the global economy over the next several months as we look for signposts and signals in the markets, economic growth and the progression of the virus. Where.




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Track Record

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