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Rory Green

Rory joined TS Lombard in 2018 as an economist covering China and South Korea. Prior to this Rory spent four years with PRC Macro Advisors, a Beijing based economic research firm specialising in China’s political economy. From 2016, Rory was located in Seoul where he led the company’s Korea research. During this period, he also continued to cover China, specialising in macroeconomic forecasting and industrial policy. Rory has a BA (Joint Hons) in History & French from the University of Manchester. Rory was awarded two Chinese government scholarships in Economics and Mandarin, and obtained an MSc in Economics from Beijing Normal University in 2014. Rory speaks fluent Mandarin and French, and advanced Korean.
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Recent Posts

Digital RMB - a new type of stimulus

23 Oct 2020 - Rory Green

Both the Fed and the ECB have grabbed headlines recently with talk of central bank digital currencies (CBDC). But of all CBDC projects currently in the works, it is the one by the People’s Bank of China that is nearest.

#China #Stimulus #People's Bank of China #Digital RMB #Cryptocurrency

Looking through Korea’s second wave

28 Aug 2020 - Rory Green

Second wave does not change our positive Korean economy, equity, or FX position. Since April, we picked Korea as a relative outperformer due to three core factors: Virus containment success Tech heavy exports profiting.

#Covid19 #South Korea



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Track Record

Track Record

We have a 30 year track record of successful calls. Many of these calls combined economic, political and market analysis.



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