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Konstantinos Venetis

Konstantinos Venetis joined TS Lombard in February 2015. His coverage is global, with a focus on the UK, Australia, oil and industrial metals. He has well-rounded experience in financial markets, starting his career at Bear Stearns’ investment banking division and subsequently working as a trader, fund manager and research analyst. Konstantinos holds an M.Phil. in Economics and a B.A. in Philosophy, Politics & Economics from Oxford University.
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Recent Posts

UK economy at inflection point

07 Oct 2020 - Konstantinos Venetis

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has vowed to “balance the books”, yet pressure to keep the fiscal taps loose is unlikely to let up anytime soon. The government’s backstops have put a floor under the economy, but as the mid-year.

#Bank Of England #United Kingdom #Labour Market

Japan: nothing more permanent than a temporary solution

06 Oct 2020 - Konstantinos Venetis

The appointment of Yoshihide Suga marks the end of Abenomics in name, but not in substance. And while this may look like an opportune time to press on somewhat harder with 'third arrow' structural reforms, we would not.

#Abenomics #Bank of Japan #Yen

The message from gold and industrial commodities

01 Sep 2020 - Konstantinos Venetis

The nature of the Covid-19 shock makes this macro cycle unique – but this is still a macro cycle. The pattern remains the same. A contraction in GDP is met with counter-cyclical policy measures that aim to get the.

#Monetary Policy #Reflation #Gold #Commodities



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